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Access the best of both worlds with LSG’s and Metafora’s (formerly Carrier Direct) combined 20 years of experience in business consulting and staffing solutions.

Benefits of our partnership

Over 20 years of combined experience
Solid business structure
Comprehensive strategies tailored to your business needs
Qualified talent at your fingertips High retention rates

Our strategic partnership

Through the LSG and Metafora alliance, we plan to revolutionize the transportation and logistics industry through consulting, organizational improvement, staffing solutions, and innovation.

All about Metafora

(Formerly CarrierDirect)

Metafora, formerly known as CarrierDirect, is a business consulting firm that services companies within the transportation and logistics industry. Through their years of experience, Metafora has helped carriers, shippers, and 3PLs develop their business strategies to drive overall growth.

Metafora helps companies overcome growth plateaus!
Build and implement effective business strategies
Expand service offerings
Restructure compensations
Link broken supply chains
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