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Accelerate your team's proficiency and generate unparalleled customer experiences.

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Symtrain + LSG: the perfect match

At LSG, we work hard to add value to our business and give our customers a competitive advantage. By purchasing symtrain with us, you can access the Lean Library of simulated training programs, or we can work with you to create custom programs to fit your unique business.

Symtrain and conquer

A completely immersive training experience
Confident and skilled employees
An efficient and robust training program
Cost reductions
Enhanced customer interactions
Overall boost in productivity

Sign up for one-month free access to SymTrain & the Lean Library

Train through simulated job experiences

Symtrain is a simulated training solution that creates a hands-on experience for your sales, services, and support employees within a safe space.

By digitalizing the manual training and coaching processes, you’ll be able to build your employees’ knowledge, skills, and confidence in their roles quicker and improve customer interactions.

Empower your employees through immersive, real job scenarios and guide them to master their job functions!
Build, manage, and customize the entire platform to help your employees gain the specific knowledge they need to thrive.

Seize the opportunity and leverage the power of immersive learning. Help your team excel, let’s get started.