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With a simple click, Textlocate optimizes your entire freight tracking process resulting in time-saving success.

Benefits of working with TextLocate

A simple process
Accurate data
No app download required
Time reductions
Automated one-time text message
Complete visibility
No long-term tracking

The LSG x TextLocate Partnership

At Lean Solutions Group, we are constantly searching for strategic partnerships to enhance our clients’ processes and drive productivity. With TextLocate, we’ll be able to do just that!  

With their simple process and two-way communication with drivers, we access complete visibility through a non-invasive tracking solution.  

What is TextLocate?

TextLocate is an intuitive platform that will help you streamline the entire tracking process.

Once you’ve registered your truck drivers’ phone numbers, the platform sends a one-time scheduled text message with a link. The drivers click on the link, and ta-da! You have their exact location.

Are you ready to transform your entire freight tracking process? Choose the smart option, choose TextLocate!